The European Strategy for equality between women and men for the period 2010-2015 was adopted in September 2010 and first raised the prospect of targeted initiatives to address the under-representation of women in decision-making positions. The Strategy of the European Commission  lists actions to be implemented between 2010 and 2015, priorities are:

• equal economic independence for women and men;
• equal pay for work of equal value;
• equality in decision-making;

The mid-term review of the Gender Equality Strategy, published on 14 October 2013, found that, half-way through the strategy’s five-year time scale, the European Commission is delivering on its commitments (MEMO/13/882).

In fact, since 2010,  the share of women on boards has risen by 4.8 pp at an average rate of 1.9 pp/year, almost four times the rate of progress from 2003 to 2010 (0.5 pp/year).

This acceleration has been further fuelled by the women on boards proposal adopted by the European Commission on 14 November 2012 (IP/12/1205 and MEMO/12/860), which set a 40% objective for women on boards based on qualification. Recent developments also reflect the impact of EU-wide discussions about the need for a targeted intervention to raise the number of women on boards.

This is excellent news that supports all the efforts of women who contributed to the public debate.

Equal Treatment is one of the European Fundamental rights and principles. The promotion of equality between men and women is also listed among the tasks of the Union in the Treaty EU.

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