Equality between women and men is a fundamental principle of the EU. Ensuring gender equality is one of the main objectives in the EU Treaties.

On 20 November 2013 ( IP/13/1118), the European Parliament has voted with an overwhelming majority (459 for, 148 against and 81 abstentions) for the Commission’s draft Directive aiming for a share of 40% of female non-executive members on the boards of listed companies.

Following a strong backing by the European Parliament the draft Directive to improve gender balance in Europe’s Company Boardrooms is currently being discussed by the Council of Europe.

In the April newsletter we presented the mid term results of the 2010-2015 Strategy for equality between women and men.

New statistics released by the European Commission on 24 September show that the average share of women on the boards of the largest publicly listed companies in the EU has risen to 18.6% which represents an increase of nearly one percentage point since the last data collection in October 2013 (17.8%). This is great news!

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