MLegal is an international boutique law firm specializing in European Employment Law Pensions, Compliance and Corporate Governance, Equal Treatment and European Law.

MLegal works with an international network of European Employment lawyers ( European Employment Association) based in the UK, France Germany and Italy.

Marianne Eisma, founding partner at MLegal and Board Member at Unisys Pension Fund has a proven track record of more than 30 years at senior levels within the legal profession. Her approach is personal, creative and solution oriented.

MLegal is a highly innovative and flexible law firm located at Amsterdam Zuidas with meeting facilities in Amsterdam city centre ( Spaces Vijzelstraat), The Hague ( Spaces Rode Olifant), Rotterdam and London.

MLegal provides services to companies and individuals at a competitive rate. Fees are charged on the basis of actual time spent on individual cases. MLegal is also prepared to work on the basis of packages and service level agreements on a fixed fee basis over an agreed period of time.

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